Mega trend! Collection PAVE CHAINS - most wanted by Hollywood celebrities.
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INITIALS collection
Under the sapphire crystal floats the letter of your choice and stones of different cuts.
HYDRANGEA collection
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This is KoJewelry
Olga Königson has created a unique, fine jewelry collection in a manner the world has never seen before. She made luxury jewelry affordable. The assortment features chic and beautiful rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets made KO simulated diamonds set in a sterling silver and gold 18K.
KO simulated diamonds are made from the best synthetic rough which is made in USA. Only the top, flawless, colorless cubic zirconia rough is used in the creation of the jewelry. All stones are hand-cut on a diamond wheel in the same way as natural diamond. The jewelry is all hand-polished and justly finished using a plating of 2.5+ microns depth in precious metals such as 18 karat gold (if it’s a silver item) or in rhodium plating which help to protect the jewelry from scratches and gives the white gold or silver its ultra white colour.

The collections not only feature glittering colorless KO simulated diamonds, but also offers precious and semi-precious stones. Moreover, 3 years ago the brand started using moissanite stones of the best quality created in the best labs in the world. It’s capable of disrupting traditional definitions of fine jewelry. Moissanite has properties very close to diamonds. Moissanite scores 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Sparkle wise, moissanite has an even higher refractive index than diamonds, so it’s even sparklier than a diamond. But it has more of a rainbow sparkle, whereas diamonds has both white and rainbow.

So KOJEWELRY creates the most breathtaking fine jewelry pieces.